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jsat_1.jpgWith successful careers in Business Management and Corporate Sales, we (Andrea and Jane) had satisfied our need for a creative outlet by studying various arts and crafts in our spare time. In 2006 we independently discovered the product PMC (precious metal clay) and it was the start of what was to eventually become Love Prints.

For over a year we both worked on developing the skills needed to create sophisticated pieces of pure silver jewellery and enjoyed making and designing gifts for friends and family. Because of the unique properties of PMC, the potential to capture impressions in the silver was exciting. Having each discovered the possibility of creating fingerprint jewellery before we met, we had both found that friends and family were immediately taken by the idea.

In 2008 we met at a silver jewellery making workshop and soon realised that we shared a real passion for designing, making and wearing beautiful silver jewellery. We also realised that we had both been making fingerprint charms and accessories for some time and enjoyed sharing ideas and experiences. After the workshop we would often meet to discuss new ideas, trial new products or tools and generally encourage each other as we continued to perfect our craft.

In the spring of 2009 we made the inevitable decision to go into business together, designing and making fingerprint jewellery. Hence Love Prints was born. Thanks to the unwavering support of our family and friends (especially our long suffering husbands and our gorgeous sons) as well as lots of good old fashioned hard work, Love Prints is proving to be the roaring success we dreamt it would be. Over the past few months, as anyone who has ever set up their own business will appreciate, our feet haven't touched the ground!

Every day is proving to be an exciting challenge with the development of new products, the creation of our website, attending new events and venues for casting sessions and meeting customers. We are enjoying every single minute of it.

We are very passionate about what we do and it is important to us that you are delighted with the Love Prints that we make for you. We are keen to hear your feedback so please let us know your thoughts or ideas about what we do well and where you think we can improve.

Finally, we hope you enjoy looking around our website at the many different products we now offer and hopefully you will find something you love. However, don't forget that we enjoy making unique and special pieces, so if you have an idea for a design that isn't covered in our Design Guide, don't hesitate to drop us a line and we'll be happy to help you create your ideal Love Print.

Andrea & Jane, Co-Owners, Love Prints




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