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I’ve seen other people offering silver fingerprint jewellery.  Why should I buy from Love Prints? 
Andrea and Jane at Love Prints take great pride in every single piece of jewellery made.  If we are not 100% happy with an item we have created, we will NOT pass it on to you – we will make it again, at our expense.  We believe that our greatest form of marketing is your recommendation to friends and family so every piece we make is made to the highest standard to represent Love Prints.
With over six years experience between us making solid silver jewellery, we have developed a great reputation for quality, value and attention to detail. Many of our customers continue to buy from us again and again as they mark special occasions with Love Prints for themselves, their friends and families. We are not part of a franchise business, unlike many silver fingerprint jewellery businesses and being completely independent means it is possible for us to offer a more bespoke and personal service.  Our independence allows us to constantly update both our product range and also our processes if we feel that they would enhance our Love Prints further.

Can you create bespoke pieces?
Yes.  We take pleasure in creating bespoke and unique pieces and will be happy to offer help and advice with your ideas. Please contact us by phone or on our contact form to discuss your requirements. 

Can you take fingerprints from anybody?
Yes.  Prints can be taken from the tiniest baby, right through to adulthood.  In our experience, we have found that some children have a more defined print once they reach about 6 months old but this is not always the case – it depends on the individual fingerprint.  We have taken prints from 4 week old babies before that have had a visible print but for those that haven’t, we have created a lovely impression of the tiny finger – and sometimes managed to get the tiny crease of the finger that new born babies have, in the print. 

How do you take the print?
There are several options for print taking:
1. Casting Session – Check our ‘Casting Session’ page for details of any forthcoming events.  We regularly attend different venues where you can come along and meet us in person.  You can see samples of our Love Prints, discuss requirements, ask us any questions and we can take prints there and then.
2. Home Visit – If you are local to us (we are based in Bramhall & Cheadle, Cheshire) we may be able to visit you in your own home to take the print or prints.  We would bring samples to show you and take the print whilst we were there.  Contact us to see whether a home visit is possible (It will depend on your location).
3. Love Print Party - Another option would be to host a Love Print Party at your home.  Ideally we would need a minimum of 5 buying guests to attend.  We would supply you with invites to send to your guests, along with some information about Love Prints and our products.  We would come along and display our products and take impressions on the day. We can also provide Casting Kits to anyone attending the Love Prints Party without the person they would like the print of, enabling them to take the print at their own convenience. The host of the party will be entitled to discount on their choice of Love Print items selected on the day (the percentage discount will be calculated in relation to sales taken on the day).  We are sometimes able to travel further afield for a Love Print Party but please contact to discuss this further if you would like to host one.
4. Invite us to attend an event - If you are holding a large event such as a craft fair or family fun day,  invite us along and if we are able to attend we will be happy to donate a Love Print prize to the raffle or other fund raising initiative.
5. Casting Kit – If you are not local to us or to any of our Casting Session venues and you do not wish to host a Love Print Party, it is possible for you to purchase your Love Print on our website and we will then send out a Casting Kit for you to take the print at home.  You simply purchase the Love Print of your choice on the website and we will then send you the easy-to-use Casting Kit with full instructions on how to take the print.  Print taking is safe and easy and only takes a few minutes.  Once you have taken the print, you simply post it back to us in the pre-paid envelope provided and then leave the rest to us!!  (Our Casting Kit will enable you to take two prints – send us both and we will select the best print.)

How long will it take for my Love Print to arrive?
Because each Love Print is hand-made and goes through at least 10 processes during its creation, we ask that you allow 28 days, from the day we receive the print.  However, if you want the Love Print by a specific date i.e. wedding / birthday / christening etc, and don’t have enough time, we will do our best to get it to you sooner.  This is not always possible though.  If we are not likely to get your Love Print to you at short notice, we can provide you with a Gift Card explaining that a special fingerprint gift is on its’ way.
At various times in the year, i.e. Christmas / Father’s Day / Mother’s Day / Valentine’s Day, we are extremely busy and it is advisable to order your Love Print as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  (We usually need at least 28 days notice at these times, to be able to guarantee delivery before the special day. However it is worth contacting us, as we will always try to help).

What are the delivery options?
If you have ordered your Love Print at a play centre or party, there is usually an option to have your Love Print delivered back to that venue for you to collect with no additional charge. Otherwise all orders will be sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery, as this service includes adequate insurance for jewellery items and will be charged at £5.00 p&p.

I don’t know what to choose for my wife / husband / mother / father.  Do you do Gift Vouchers?
Yes.  We can provide a Gift Voucher so the recipient can choose something special for themselves.  Gift Vouchers start at £25 (the cost of a small Love Print charm).

I bought a Love Print necklace from you a few months ago and now my husband would like a pair of cufflinks with our daughter’s print.  Do I need to have the print taken again?
No.  We keep the prints for up to one year, so that if further Love Prints are required, we do not need to take the print again.  We keep the prints in a secure place and do not keep any of your personal details with the print.  If you would like another Love Print with a fingerprint we already have, simply contact us with your name, name of the person whose fingerprint it is and when and where the print was taken (i.e. home / casting session / fair / fingerprint party / home casting kit) then we will locate and use the print again.

Can I have my Love Print personalized?
Yes.  We can add names / dates / short messages to most of our pieces, depending on the size and shape of the Love Print charm, the size of the fingerprint itself and the length of the name / message.  Our inscriptions are skilfully hand etched.  (We can recreate your own handwriting on some types of Love Print – please contact us for more information).
Names are often put on the front near the print but in the case of some Love Print charms, i.e. small charms, earrings etc, this isn’t always possible but we could always put a name / date on the back.  With larger Love Print charms, i.e. medium or large, there is more space to fit names on the front and dates and short messages on the back.

We have four children. Will I need to have four individual charms?
Of course if you want to have four individual Love Prints they can look great on a bracelet or bangle and for men the double cufflinks accomodate four prints, however if you would prefer you can chose Love Print charms that can accomodate more then one print. Take a look at the triple descending necklace where you can have two prints on the large Love Print then one print each on the meduim and small Love Print. We have created many bespoke items for families with four or more children so please give us a call if you would like to discuss more options.
I’m getting married this year and would love a unique, special gift for my wife / husband / bridesmaids etc.
Love Prints are a lovely way to commemorate a wedding day or to thank special members of the wedding party.
We can create cufflinks for the groom to wear, bearing the print of the bride on one cufflink and a message or date of the wedding on the other (a useful gift if you want to ensure he never forgets your anniversary!)
For the bride, we can create beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings bearing the fingerprints of both the bride and groom – personalized with a date or wedding message.  See our Wedding Range for more ideas.
It can be arranged so that the prints are taken on the Wedding Day itself so the bride and groom can make the print taking part of the day’s events.  (It only takes a couple of minutes)
We can also create beautiful gifts for members of the wedding party – our personalized Wine Glass Charms make a lovely keepsake of the big day and instead of a fingerprint, we can inscribe a message, i.e. “Thanks for being our Bridesmaid” or any other message of your choice.

Are all your products silver?
Yes.  Our Love Print charms are solid silver (also known as pure silver or fine silver) and all our attachments (necklaces, bracelets, key rings, earring backs, rings, cufflink backs etc) are sterling silver.  The clasp on the rubber necklace is sterling silver.  All the fittings we use are also sterling silver.
Solid silver is 99.9% pure and because of its purity is slightly softer than sterling silver. Sterling silver contains other metals and alloys and is 92.5% pure.
All our Love Print charms are sent with care instructions explaining how to look after your silver.



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